As a group leader, you are responsible for your buddy group and you are the link between your group and ESN Agder. All group leaders have received emails with all of the information needed. Group leaders will receive their own personal certificate at the end of the semester showing that they've done a special service in the program. Being a group leader is also being a buddy, but you will have the opportunity of having some more responsibility and be in charge of your own buddy groups consisting of international students and buddies.

Tasks of a Group Leader

Sending an e-mail to all members of your buddy group. Include both international students and buddies. You're informed early and in good time before the students' arrival in Norway. It should be a welcome email and introduction of the group (yourself as group leaders and buddies), this is so that the students know you're their contact person.

(If you've got some group members without contact information, just leave them for now. You'll receive the contact info as soon as the Buddy Manager has it).

In addition, the group leaders should take some extra care to ensure that none of their group members are left out.

Some guidance:

1. Look to the attached file in the emails you've receive for example of what to include in your mail.

2. Remember to include a list of all group members (WITHOUT the emails to the international students).

3. Attach a link to a Facebook group you'll create for your group to stay in touch.

 4. Also ask the ones who haven't, to join the facebook group that we create for each semester to join. provide a link. Example:  "ESN Agder Fall 20xx" and then the link.

5.You will get a lot of questions. A buddy brochure will be emailed to you and is also found on this website, but very often the answer is to be found in our FAQ.  Many questions also have to be sent to the one in charge. For instance, if you have a question about accommodation, that must be sent to SiA.